How to Kiss Someone in Elementary School



Go to a spot alone with them.,
Gaze into their eyes.,
Hold their hand or put your arm around them.,
Touch your lips on their lips, or on their cheek.

You don’t want your kiss to be out in the open with everyone staring at you. Try to find a place where there are not a lot of people. If you kiss in school, you may get in trouble if the teachers see you doing it.Other good places to kiss are at a school dance, during a school sports event, or if you are hanging out outside of school. Just try to stay out of the open when you do it.
Ask the person by saying, “Hey, do you want to go and hang out alone over there? It’s a lot less quiet and we can talk.”

, The eyes can show a range of emotions, and are important for romance.Pay attention to how the other person reacts when you look into their eyes. If they look uncomfortable, they may not want to kiss you.

The other person will most likely be nervous. Don’t confuse this with them not liking you.
If you’re unsure, you can ask them “Do you like being alone with me? Do you like me?” or “Would you mind if I kissed you?” If they are not pulling away and look comfortable as you gaze into their eyes, you may not have to ask them permission because they may want to kiss you as well.

, Before going in for the kiss, make sure that the person feels comfortable with you touching them in a romantic way.

If the person pull their hand away, you know that they feel uncomfortable.
Never force physical contact with anyone. It’s inappropriate, illegal, and could get you in a lot of trouble.

, Go in for the kiss and don’t think about the consequences. This will probably be very hard to do at first. However, if you never take that first step, you won’t be able to kiss anyone.

For younger kids in elementary school, make sure to kiss on the cheek so that they aren’t grossed out or startled by you.
If you are kissing on the lips, make sure you brush your teeth or use a mint before doing it.

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