How to Kiss Someone in Elementary School



Talk to them about how they feel about kissing.,
Think about how they treat you.,
If the person doesn’t like you, move on.,
Look at their body language and see how they act.,
Act confidently when you’re around them.

There is a tendency for younger people in elementary school to socialize with people they don’t like romantically. Kissing may not be for everyone, so it’s important that you understand the person you want to kiss, and how they feel about kissing.Ask them about kissing. If they seem grossed out or embarrassed, they may not be ready for a kiss.
You don’t have to give away your intentions to kiss them. Say something like “My older brother kissed his girlfriend in front of me. What do you think about kissing?”
You can ask their friends how they feel about kissing.

, If someone does not like you, they probably won’t want to kiss you. Think about how you talk and treat each other. If they are constantly telling you to go away, that you’re annoying, or that they don’t want to be around you, it’s a good sign they don’t like you.

If they always go out of their way to help you and always wants to talk to you, they may like you.
If they tease you, don’t lose hope. Some kids in elementary school tease other kids because they like them.If they go out of their way to talk to you and be around you, it might be a sign that they actually like you, even if teasing is involved.

, You can’t force or trick anyone to like you. If you feel like your crush doesn’t like you, try to find someone else. It might be hard and it may make you very sad, but you shouldn’t be ashamed. There are plenty of people that will enjoy your company.

Try to make friends with other kids in school to take your mind off the person you want to kiss.
Don’t give up immediately. Don’t assume they don’t like you without trying to talk to them.

, If you want to kiss a boy, there are common signs that point to if he likes your or not. If he fiddles with his shirt or socks, leans or stands with a wide stance, talks with his hands, or seems nervous, there’s a good chance he likes you.If you’re curious if a girl likes you, she will usually tilt her head towards you, point her feet in your direction, play with her hair, or will blush when she’s around you.Don’t take every action as a sign of something. Only consider this advice if this is how they always act around you.

, Even if you’re scared or self conscious, act like you are confident. If you smile, stand up straight, and talk clearly, it will appear like you’re confident even if you’re not.Try practicing when you’re in other situations so you can do it naturally when you’re around your crush.

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