How to Kiss Him Like You Mean It



Look deep in his/her eyes Don’t just look down or away — hold his gaze!,
Kiss actively.,
Use your hands.,
Smile at him when the kiss is over.

Looking into his eyes is an intimate gesture, and communicates that you’re comfortable with him.

Take advantage of small opportunities to make eye contact before you kiss him. Look at him across a crowded room, or find reasons to glance over at him if you’re sitting together.
Lock eyes just before he kisses you. A sustained gaze as you move closer will let him know that you’re interested. (Just don’t forget to close your eyes the second before you kiss him.);
, Make yourself an active participant in the kiss, instead of just sitting there and passively allowing him to kiss you.

Move your lips. Avoid the dreaded dead fish pose by moving your lips gently open and closed along with the kiss. Just try to avoid smacking noises, and pay attention to your partner’s cues on tempo — if he noticeably slows down or speeds up, follow along.
French kiss him back. If he’s started French kissing you (and you’re OK with that), be an equal partner. Instead of allowing his tongue to linger in your mouth, venture your own tongue out.

, Small hand motions can show him you’re interested, and make the kiss more intense. Try these positions:

Tangle them in his hair
Run them over his shoulders
Cradle the sides of his face
Rest them on his chest or waist

, Nothing will make him feel more amazing than knowing you enjoyed the kiss, so show it! Smile, breathlessly tell him “That was amazing” and look into his eyes again. He won’t have any doubt that you meant it.

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