How to Kiss at a School Dance



Start dancing.,
Make sure it is a slow song, unless you both want to kiss to a death-metal scream song.

Get in position:

Girls: shift arms a little, but still keep behind neck.,
Make sure partner is comfortable with all of this.,
Enjoy the moment.,
Make sure your breath smells good, always carry a mint around.

After the kiss:

Girls: lay your head on his chest/shoulder till the end of the song.

Guys: move arms slightly backward. Upward for quick smooch. Downward for more of an “i really like you” approach. This all signals you want to kiss.

, Do not ask! Watch body language.

, Gently. Avoid the french kiss as that is a bit tacky for the school dance.

, Show your maturity by not running and telling all your friends when done.

Guys: Hold her close to you and make her feel wanted and loved.

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