How to Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before



Use your eyes.,
Sit really close to her to show affection and establish intimacy.,
Work up to the kiss by flirting.,
Maintain eye contact until you kiss.

Gesture by looking into her eyes, looking at her lips, and then back at her eyes to show your readiness. , If she is nervous and you feel like the time is right to kiss her, catching her off-guard by kissing her might take the edge off and pleasantly surprise her — and you!

, Touch her hand gently when you’re talking to her; compliment her eyes or hair; or stare longingly into her eyes. Never underestimate what a simple touch can do to set the mood for the perfect first kiss. Touching your girlfriend breaks the barrier that separates the two of you and paves the way to a more intimate connection, which is the kiss .

, Fix the other person’s gaze with your eyes and don’t close your eyes until you’ve gone into the kiss. Locking onto her eyes is the best way to pull her in to grab that kiss.

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