How to Kiss a Girl at the Movies



Research what’s playing.,
Pick a movie.,
Consider the genre.,
Ask her for input.,
Plan to meet early.,
Play a game.,
Offer to buy refreshments.,
Choose your seat.,
Make sure your lips are smooth.,
Carry breath mints.,
Wait through the beginning.,
Make eye contact.,
Hold her hand.,
Feel out the mood.,
Initiate the kiss.,
Gauge what her reaction is.,
Take kissing breaks.,
Compliment her.

Use the internet to look into your options to find the best movie to accommodate a good kiss session. There’s plenty of apps for your smartphone that will also show you movie times near you.;
, Try find a movie that you’ve both either seen or have very little interest in seeing.This can get tricky with the high price of going to the movies these days. For a more enjoyable time, wait until the movie you actually want to see has been playing for a month or two. If you think or know she wants to see something, suggest it yourself.

The idea is to pick a movie that won’t be too crowded.
Consider the duration of the movie. You should decide if you think you’ll want a three hour movie or can settle with an hour and a half.

, It could be uncomfortable to smooch to a very serious movie. Either go for a comedy, romantic-comedy, or a horror.These movies also get less attendance than the bigger blockbusters.

, Be on the same page as your date. One of the best ways to create chemistry is for the two of you to watch trailers together. Be assertive if there is something you want to see, but don’t push it too hard. In the end, decide on something together.

, This will give you a chance to flirt before the movie starts. Since she’s already agreed to go out on a date with you, you shouldn’t be nervous at this part. Be yourself.

, A great way of initiating chemistry between her and you is to play an arcade game. Make eyes at her intermittently.

Don’t be overly competitive. A little bit can be cute, but if you take it too seriously, it could ruin your chances.

, It is a nice courtesy to offer to buy popcorn and soda for you two to share. If this is one of the first dates with this lady, you, the guy, should make the offer.

, Pick a seat that seems to be the most remote. Try somewhere in the back row or in a corner.The ultimate idea is to pick a seat that is not too close to other movie goers.

, Apply a thin layer of chapstick before your date to ensure your lips aren’t chapped. Don’t be too insistent in applying chapstick throughout the date. You might seem nervous or too anxious for a kiss. Keep your cool.

, You might have purchased a 24 oz. Coke, but just carry mints in your pocket anyway. You’ll be glad to have them.

, It could be weird to make a move right as the title credits are playing. Give it at least twenty minutes into the film. The ideal scene would be a slower one during the exposition.

, Do not sit there and stare at your date. Just glance over from time to time. Keep this up until you both meet eyes and then quickly turn back to the film.Your best bet is for her and you to blush after meeting eyes.

, If she has her hand in plain view on the cup holder, that is a good indicator that she wants you to hold it. Don’t go too out of your way to hold her hand. Put your hand gently over her hand and wait for her hand to respond to yours.

, If she is leaning on the opposite side of the seat, she doesn’t want you to kiss her. Look for her to put her hair behind her ear. This exposes her neck and is a good cue that she is interested. Be sly when you’re gauging her mood.

, Turn towards her and gently touch her chin with your finger.This is a clear straightforward signal that will tell her, I want to kiss you. Once she moves her head towards yours, slowly start moving your head towards hers.

If she doesn’t acknowledge your initiation, you might just have to sit through the rest of the film disappointed.

, If she wants to kiss again, you’ll know it. Be charming and a gentleman after the first kiss. Don’t be cheesy and say things like, “Well, that was nice,” or “You’re a good kisser.”

, Don’t just keep on kissing her until the movie is over without a break. Kiss for a little bit and then go back to watching the film. Wait about twenty minutes and then turn towards her again. She should be on board if she enjoyed the first kiss.

Guys normally make the first move, so make sure you are confident. If you are confident she will feel comfortable.

, Once the movie is over say you had a great time, if you mean it. Drop a suggestion that you’d like to hang out again. Don’t ask her if she had a good time. Be smooth but don’t be afraid to reveal yourself.

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