How to Kiss a Boy Passionately



Open your mouth.,
Start slow.,
Use your fingers.,
Use your tongue.,
Ease the kissing.,
Kiss his neck.,
Bite his lip.

You do not want to open your mouth too wide or else he might feel strange. Just open it big enough to fit his lip securely between yours. Show your tongue ever so slightly. Don’t fully extend your tongue at this stage.

, Start gently kissing your partner on the lips, don’t rush. It is good to build the pace naturally. Rushing into the kiss can decrease the potential passion., Run your fingers through his hair, his beard, or his shirt, and grab onto them. Pulling him into the heat of the moment is a good way to fire up his passion., Again kissing is a two way street. You might want to wait, if this is your first time, for him to initiate french kissing. Gently massage his tongue with yours while his tongue is inside your mouth. When you’re ready you can try entering into his mouth. Then gently massage his tongue and the roof of his mouth.Don’t force your tongue into his mouth too quickly. You also don’t want to go too deep.

, After you’ve been french kissing for a while, try moving your head away momentarily. Look at him and smile. Then either he’ll come back in for the kiss, or you can go back for it.

, This is another way to enhance the passion. Lightly bite and suckle his neck. Do not do this for too long or else he will get a hickey. If you want to show off a hickey on his neck, then go for it. Feel out the vibes from him.

, While your kissing, one way to show your passion is to bite his lip. Don’t bite too hard or he might bleed. Only do this if you’re confident and think he might like it.

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