How to Keep Your Guinea Pigs Smelling Good



Clean your guinea pigs’ cage at least once every week.,
Spot-clean the guinea pigs’ cage daily.,
Litter-train your guinea pigs.,
Use a cage cleaning spray.,
Use an odor control bedding.

A complete cleaning involves discarding all of the used bedding, not merely “spot cleaning” the dirty spots. After removing the old bedding, wash the bottom and sides of the cage with soap and water, rinse thoroughly, then place fresh, new bedding in the cage.After washing with soap and water, you can use a 10% white vinegar and water solution (1 part vinegar to 9 parts water) as a rinse before drying the cage bottom. Using the vinegar solution once a week (each time you fully clean the cage) may help eliminate odors.;
, Particularly if you have multiple guinea pigs in one cage, you should clean out parts of the cage daily in addition to the once-a-week deep cleaning.To spot-clean, remove and discard any areas of soiled bedding at the end of the day.

Most guinea pigs will use one part of their cage as a toilet area; cleaning the toilet area daily will help with odor and cleanliness.

, Spot cleaning will become easier if you can train your guinea pigs to use a litter box. Identify the area that your guinea pigs tend to use as a toilet area. Then place a litter box made for small mammals in that corner of the cage.

To enable your guinea pigs to adjust to the new litter box, add soiled bedding that includes their fecal pellets to the litter box so that they understand that it is a toilet area.
If the guinea pigs use the litter box as a toilet, reward them with treats. If they change the area in which they use the toilet, try moving the litter box to the new area.
Clean out the litter box daily. Sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of the clean litter box to help eliminate odors.
Never place clumping cat litter in a guinea pig’s litter box. Guinea pig-safe bedding material is the most appropriate option.

, Cleaning sprays specifically formulated for small animal cages can help minimize cage odors. Check your local pet store for products that are safe and effective for guinea pigs.To use a cage-cleaning spray, remove all used bedding from the cage. Spray the tray of the cage liberally with the cage cleaner.
Allow the cage cleaner to soak in to the cage for 3-5 minutes.
Use a rough towel to wipe away cage cleaner and loosened debris from the bottom of the cage.
Allow the cage to dry completely (in the sun if possible), place fresh bedding in the bottom of the cage, and return your guinea pigs to their home.
You may want to continue using soap and water to clean the cage in addition to the cage cleaner.

, Bedding formulated to block odors, such as CareFRESH Advanced Odor Control Small Animal Bedding, can keep the cage smelling fresh longer.

Place 1-3 inches of bedding in the bottom of your guinea pigs’ cage. Be sure to scoop out wet or soiled bedding daily.Though odor blocking bedding can make the guinea pigs’ cage smell better, you should still clean the cage well and completely replace the bedding at least once every week.

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