How to Keep Your Crush a Secret



Do not stare.,
Do not giggle hysterically when your crush looks over at you.,
Avoid telling anyone that you have a crush on this person.,
Keep a diary.,
If others say that your crush likes you, just smile and say “that’s nice”.,
Treat your crush exactly the same way as you treat all your acquaintances.,
Be real and show your authentic self.

Staring at him/her won’t do anything. They or someone else could catch you in the act. If possible, stop your habit of staring at them. Or, just make sure no one (including them!) is watching, and just quickly side-glance at them.;
, They’ll think you’re creepy.

, Especially someone with a reputation for being a gossip/big mouth and untrustworthy. If you don’t feel one hundred percent sure someone won’t use it against you, don’t tell. You never know when you will fight with someone. They might use blackmail. You don’t want it.

, This might be a good way to tell someone you’ve got a crush on someone, without letting anyone know. (Except if someone reads it.) If you are embarrassed about your crush, this can be a good way of looking at it objectively.

, Don’t confirm your crush to anyone else. They will go back and tell your crush.

, Be polite, but not overly attentive. If you tag along with them too much, they’ll be annoyed or someone else will find out that you like him/her! But then again, you don’t want to be too shy around them, either. They might consider you weird or be suspicious.

, If your special someone ends up liking you, you want this person to fall for who you really are, not someone you pretended to be.

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