How to Keep Guinea Pigs when You Have Cats



Let your guinea pig roam.,
Allow the cat and guinea pig to get to know one another.,
When you aren’t in the house, keep the guinea pigs and cats separate.

Hold your cat on your lap in the room where you keep the guinea pig. Have the room to the door closed, and allow the guinea pig to roam around the room outside of its enclosure.

Wait until the guinea pig approaches, and assure the cat with affectionate petting if it remains calm.
It they are able to noses one another and remain calm, they are likely ready for supervised play time.

, The room with the guinea pig enclosure is best, as the guinea pig can return to its own space if it wants to do so. Always maintain active and vigilant supervision.Don’t ever allow the cat to enter the guinea pig’s enclosure.
Interrupt your pets’ interactions if the cat begins to stalk the guinea pig or either animal begins to get agitated or aggressive. Try again another day.
If aggressive behavior continues, spend time holding the cat in your lap while the guinea pig roams.

, Make sure they are both in the respective zones where the other is never allowed. This will allow each to feel most comfortable while you’re away, and minimize the risk of coming home to blood-speckled walls.

Even if they become great friends, don’t ever leave them alone together.

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