How to Keep Cats Out of a Garden



Plant potent-smelling plants.,
Use dried herbs or scented oils.,
Scatter citrus peels around the garden.Most cats hate the smell of citrus.,
Try coffee grounds or pipe tobacco.Much like citrus, the smells of coffee and tobacco are disgusting to most cats.,
Spray a commercial repellent containing predator urine.Cat deterrent sprays are available at many garden supply stores.,
Spread batches of your own hair around the garden.In theory, many feral cats do not favor the scent of human hair.,
Wash any cat scents away.

Cats do not like certain plants, and will stay away from them. Planting them will make the entire area seem disgusting to the local feline population. Try cultivating one or more of these plants near your garden, interspersed among your garden plants, or in other areas of your yard that you do not want cats to disturb:Lavender
Lemon thyme
Thorny roses
Coleus canina, also known as “Scaredy Cat Plant”

, If you do not want to plant herbs or other plants that cats cannot stand, you could scatter dried versions or sprinkle essential oils derived from these plants around your garden for the same effect.Dried rue and lavender are available online or in some garden supply stores. Essential oils of lavender, lemon grass, citronella, citrus, and eucalyptus can be found in some supermarkets or health and beauty stores.
You can also try rubbing essential oils on the edges of containers that you have plants in.
If you cannot find these herbs or oils, you can achieve a similar effect by sprinkling cayenne pepper in the same way that you would dried herbs.

, A quick and easy fix is to scatter fresh or dried peels of lemons, oranges, grapefruits or other citrus fruits over the soil of your garden. The cats will not suffer any harm, but the smell will cause them to seek a more appealing area.

, Simply scatter a thin layer of coffee grounds or tobacco directly onto the soil.c

, Look for a “natural” one that contains an ingredient like the urine of foxes or other predatory animals.

These products contain natural ingredients that may deter other animals such as squirrels and rabbits. Always follow the instructions for use very carefully.

, As a result, you may be able to keep neighborhood strays away by laying batches of your hair around your garden.

Pull the hair from your hairbrushes, and combs, or ask your barber to save hair for you. Lay the strands in bunches around the perimeter of your garden.
This method may not deter domesticated cats (including your own) that are used to the scent of human hair.

, If a cat has already marked its territory in your garden, you might need to wash its scent away before it will consider going anywhere else. Spraying or pouring ordinary white vinegar around an area that a cat has attempted to “claim” can discourage it from using that spot again.

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