How to Keep Cats off the Dinner Table



Get indoor cat furniture.,
Make an alternate area attractive for your cat.,
Feed your cat more.

Since cats naturally like to climb, you shouldn’t try to discourage your cat from climbing altogether. Instead, give him alternatives to climbing on your table and counters. A good substitute is “tree” style indoor car furniture. These usually have perches and platforms for your cat to jump onto, which will satisfy the natural desire to climb. As an added bonus, they are usually coated with carpeting to make them a comfortable resting place for your cat., Your cat might gravitate towards the kitchen table because he finds it comfortable. Counteract this by making another area more appealing. In addition to buying specialized cat furniture, you can take a few steps to turn a different area in your cat’s favorite.Rub catnip on a certain area to attract your cat to it.
Place your cat’s food in the area you want him to go.
Play with your cat in the new area. Pet him and give him praise so he learns to associate the new area with good feelings.

, Cats often roam around looking for food, which can lead them to kitchen tables and counters. If your cat keeps going up on the kitchen table, he may be searching for food. You can counteract this instinct by using a few different techniques to feed your cat.Try breaking up your cat’s meals into several feeding times throughout the day. The continuous supply of food will help keep your cat’s hunger satisfied and he won’t roam around looking for food.
You could also try free feeding your cat. With this method, you simply fill your cat’s bowl at the beginning of the day and allow him to eat whenever he wants. This could also help keep him satisfied so he doesn’t roam. Closely monitor your cat’s weight, however, since free access to food could make him overweight.

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