How to Keep Cats off the Dinner Table



Avoid leaving any food out.,
Place lightweight cookie sheets on the edge of the table.,
Place plastic carpet runners on the table.,
Use double-sided tape on the table top.,
Investigate other commercially available deterrent devices.

An easy preventative measure to keep the cat off the table is to take away his reason to go up there. If your cat is roaming around because he’s hungry, finding food on the table or counter will reinforce his reason for going up there. Don’t leave any food out. That way, he’ll learn that there’s nothing to eat up there and may gradually stop going up on his own., Punishing the cat yourself when he goes up on the table probably won’t get the desired result; he’ll probably just end up afraid of you, not the table. Instead, make the environment punish him so he finds the area undesirable. One way to do this is with lightweight cookie sheets.Place the cookie sheets along the edge of the table. That way, when your cat jumps on the table, he’ll knock them over. The resulting loud noise will startle your cat and he’ll learn not to jump up on the table.

, These usually have plastic bumps on the bottoms to provide traction on a carpet. Place the runner upside down so these bumps are facing up. Your cat won’t enjoy the sensation of walking on this and should gradually stop going on the table., Cats also don’t like sticky sensations on their paws. A product called Sticky Paws serves this purpose. It is sticky enough to stay in place and get your cat’s attention, but not so sticky that it will damage furniture or your cat’s paws. Place this on your table to discourage your cat from venturing up there.Remember that if you don’t use a specialized pet product, the tape might be too sticky and you could hurt your cat and damage your furniture. Always test out the tape before using it to make sure it’s not too sticky.

, There are a few specialized deterrent devices available in pet stores. In addition to these do-it-yourself methods, you can look into some devices to help keep your cat off the table. Remember to use all devices as they are intended and ask your vet or a pet store employee if you need any suggestions.The Snappy Trainer acts like an upside down mouse trap, but is much weaker and won’t hurt your cat. Any touch will cause the device to shoot up in the air, which will startle your cat and keep him off the table.
The SSSCAT is a motion sensing device that shoots out a blast of compressed air when tripped. This blast will scare your cat away from the table or anywhere else you don’t want him to go.
The ScanMat is a plastic sheet that holds a static charge. When your cat steps on the sheet, he won’t like the sensation of the electricity on his feet.

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