How to Keep Cats Off Furniture



Get a clicker and target stick.,
Teach the cat to follow the stick.,
Pick a command.,
Guide the cat down when saying the command.

Cats can be trained to move on command using clicker training and a target stick. You can buy a clicker for training at a local pet shop. A target stick is simply a long stick you use to guide your cat on and off surfaces. You can use any long stick you want, such as a wooden rod you would buy at a craft store., To start, you want your cat to learn to follow the stick. Place the target stick near your cat’s nose. As soon as it starts sniffing the stick, move the stick. If the cat follows the stick with their nose, click the clicker. Give the cat a reward, like a small treat. This will teach the cat it should follow the clicker stick to get rewarded.For a few days, spend short training intervals teaching your cat to follow the stick. Once your cat consistently follows the stick, you can train your cat to stay off furniture.

, Choose a command to use to get your cat off furniture. The command can be something like, “No” or “Get off.” You want your cat to eventually jump off the furniture in response to this command., Each time you see your cat on the furniture, get your training stick. Say your command while guiding your cat off the furniture. Reward your cat with a small treat when they obey.If you consistently guide your cat off furniture each time you see them on a couch or counter, they will eventually respond to the command without the help of treats or a training stick.

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