How to Keep Cats from Chewing on Electric Cords and Chargers



Work out where the electrical hazards in your home are.,
Keep the gaps between any cord protection and the termination points as small as possible.,
Unplug unnecessary appliances and put them away in a safe, cat-free space until needed.

Every electrical item at cat level is a potential hazard, as are items the cat can reach and jump to. Be especially careful of cords from appliances, cords from computing and printing equipment, cords used temporarily for such things as Christmas tree lights, cords in places you can’t reach but your cat can (for example, behind heavy items such as fridges, freezers, heaters, and televisions), and all electrical outlets., The most vulnerable parts of the cord are where the wire joins the plug or appliance. These sections are not easily protected by cord protection kits. Check them regularly.If the gap between an appliance like a fridge or is wide enough for a cat to slip down or into, then you need to take precautions to guard the relevant electrical cord and outlet.

, When needed, do not leave them unattended, or confine their use to safe, cat-free spaces. There is no point leaving unused appliances out gathering and taking up space when they could be neatly tucked away, unchewed and dust-free.

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