How to Keep Annoying Family Members out of Your Room



Explain your feelings in a calm and respectful way.,
Post a warning sign on your bedroom door.,
Be assertive and confront them.,
Get your parents involved.

This is the best way to talk to your family about privacy. Ask them nicely to respect your space and privacy, just as you respect theirs. Do this without pleading, whining, getting upset or acting victimized. Be firm, to the point and respectful throughout the entire conversation.You can say things like, “I don’t feel like I have any personal space or privacy in my bedroom. Can we talk about that? It’s upsetting me.”
Or you could try to put a knocking policy into place. Start the conversation with something like, “I want to start a new rule in the house about knocking before entering. Can we have a family meeting about that?”
You could also say, “I respect your privacy and knock on your door. I want you to do the same thing for me.”;
, A simple sheet of paper will suffice as a door sign. Keep your message simple and write it legibly. “Please knock before entering” and “Please don’t enter without my permission” would both work great.

If it’s a younger sibling you’re having trouble with, be sure to post the sign at eye level for them.
If the sibling is too young to read, draw a picture of a person knocking on a door.
You could also hang a dry-erase marker board on your door so that you can change the message sometimes and even address specific family members in the message.

, Sometimes being polite just won’t work, especially on younger siblings. If you’ve already spoken to your family about respecting your privacy with no results, raise your voice at them the next time it happens. There is no reason to get violent or be mean, but it’s okay to raise your voice to show that you’re angry.

Avoid saying things in the heat of the moment that you’ll regret later.
Be perfectly honest about why you’re angry. Say things like, “We talked about this, why won’t you listen to me?” and “I am really upset with you right now.”
Sometimes yelling a good old-fashioned “Get out!” and pointing at the door can be effective, especially with a much younger sibling. Keep in mind that this might hurt their feelings, though.
If someone barges in while you’re in your room, stand up immediately to confront them. Walk toward them to keep them from coming in any further and assertively ask them to leave.

, When you’re dealing with an intrusive sibling who won’t listen and it’s becoming a real problem, go to your parents privately to ask for their assistance. Explain in a calm way that you’re really upset about this, and that you deserve privacy. Ask them to intervene on your behalf.

Make it clear to your sibling that when they barge in your room, you are going to go tell your parents immediately. You could give them a warning and say, “The next time this happens, you’re going to get in trouble with mom and dad.”
As soon as they come in say, “I’m going to tell mom and dad about this right now.”
Get up immediately and go get one or both of your parents. Confront your sibling in front of your parents and ask them to back you up.
Once you’ve got your parents there, say something along the lines of, “This can’t happen anymore. I deserve personal space and I want us to resolve this issue right now.”

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