How to Keep Annoying Family Members out of Your Room



Work on a project together.Sometimes siblings just want a little attention from you.,
Make a “date” to watch a movie together in another room.,
Play games or hang out with them in their room.

Come up with a project that you can work on together outside of your bedroom. If you’re dealing with a very small sibling, come up with a fun art project you can work on together.

If it’s someone a little older, ask for their help on something, like going shopping with you to get a parent a birthday gift or even making something creative together as the gift.
Giving a family member a little attention outside of your bedroom will hopefully make them less inclined to barge in your room constantly for attention.

, Show them that you want to hang out with them, just not in your bedroom. Let them pick out the movie, pop some popcorn and spend a little quality time together.

Be sure that you do this outside of your bedroom. You need to get them in the habit of hanging out with you elsewhere.

, Pull out some board games or just hang out with them in their bedroom to reinforce the idea that hanging out with you does not mean barging into your room.

Before you go into their bedroom, knock and wait to be let in.
Hopefully this will set an example of the kind of behavior you want from them.

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