How to Keep Annoying Family Members out of Your Room



Get a lock for your bedroom door.,
Barricade your door.,
Use a doorstop to hold the door closed.Doorstops are wedge-shaped tools that can be used to hold a door open or closed.

There are several ways to approach this. The easiest way is to get a portable door lock that can be easily installed and removed by you (no tools required). Addalock is one of the most famous brands.You could also get a brand new door knob that locks with a key at a hardware store and install it yourself (or ask a family member to help).

Another option is to get a chain lock at a hardware store and install that yourself (or ask for help).
If your parents are reluctant to allow you to lock your door, explain to them exactly why you feel that your privacy is being violated.

, If you’re in your room and you want privacy, barricade your door by wedging a chair under the door knob or pushing a piece of furniture in front of it. This is only helpful if you’re actually in your room when someone tries to barge in, but it will prevent them from being able to do it.

Make sure that you can quickly and easily remove whatever you’re barricading your door with, if necessary, in the event of an emergency.

, Block family members from opening the door by shoving a doorstop under your door when you’re in your bedroom. If you don’t have a doorstop, you can easily improvise one. Use anything that will fit tightly in the space between the bottom of your door and the floor.

The more things you wedge tightly under the door, the stronger the barricade is, so if you’re concerned it won’t hold, use multiple items.
Grab a pair of old sneakers and shove the toe end of both of them under your door. Space them out a little for a stronger hold.
Shove a big fluffy towel under your door. Really cram it under there so that it will hold, or use multiple towels.

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