How to Keep Annoying Family Members out of Your Room



Avoid keeping things the whole family uses in your room.,
Do your own chores.,
Show mutual respect.If you want your wishes to be respected, you have to show that same respect toward your family members.

For example, if you’ve got the only game console or tablet in the house, do not keep them in your room. If you do, your family members will come in to retrieve them.

Keep things that everyone uses in a common room of the house, such as the living room, game room or basement.
If necessary, create a schedule of use and give everyone an equal allotment of time to use the item.

, This is a respectful thing to do, and if you take care of all of your own chores, no one has any reason to come into your room without your permission. Make your bed every day, pick up your clothes and launder them yourself, keep your room clean and return any dirty dishes to the kitchen without being asked.

Be sure to let your family members know that you’ve already taken care of the chores in your room. That way they can’t say they came in to check.
Bring a parent in your room to inspect your handiwork, if necessary.
If you don’t take care of these things yourself, family members (especially your parents) will be forced to come in and take care of these things themselves.

, Never barge into their rooms unannounced. Always knock on their bedroom doors and wait until they ask you to come in before opening their door.

Even if your family members haven’t started respecting your privacy yet, start respecting theirs.
Set an example by treating everyone in the house the exact same way that you want to be treated.

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