How to Keep a Pet Chicken



Find out where you can get day old chicks.,
Keep your chick in a decent cage with a heat lamp.,
Provide a dish for feeding and drinking and clean them daily.,
Buy special chick feed.,
When your chicken is about 8-10 weeks old change its diet to a fully grown chicken feed and provide your chicken some grit.

Keep your chicken in a bigger cage when it grows older.

You can ask at pet shops, farms, vet clinics, or poultry farms. Most day old chicks are available at a farm store whilst you can a range of week old chicks online at any time.

Decide what breed of chicken you want. Choose a breed that is suitable for your lifestyle. When choosing the best starter breed it’s best to go for a bantam breed as they are a small breed that are cheap, easy and requires less space and food than standard chickens.;
, Make sure that the cage is in a warm place (preferably indoors) and out of reach of predators.

Clean the cage daily and provide a bowl full of sand to prevent mites.

, Whilst you only need to feed your chick a little amount per day, it needs a constant fresh supply of water to keep it hydrated.

, Chick feed has smaller grains than normal chicken feed and gives a balanced diet which is required for your chick.

,, Provide the cage with a run so your chicken can scratch about freely in the grass/dirt and get access to sunlight.

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