How to Keep a Happy Hamster



Keep the cage away from extremes of hot and cold.,
Keep him away from sources of light and sound.,
Clean the cage regularly.

Where you position the cage in your house is an important factor in the health and happiness of your hamster. Don’t put the cage anywhere that he will be exposed to a lot of heat, such as next to a radiator. You should also avoid placing the cage anywhere that gets direct sunlight.

It is equally important to make sure that the cage is not somewhere especially cold or draughty.
If it is somewhere that gets a little cold, be sure to provide extra bedding for warmth.

, Hamsters are exceptionally sensitive to high frequency sound and light, and he can become distressed if exposed to these. For this reason you should take care when finding a place for his cage. Don’t put his cage in a room where the lights are going on and off through the night. Nocturnal animals need the darkness at night.

Keep the cage away from sources of ultrasound such as televisions and computer screens.
Also keep it away from sources of running water and loud appliances such as vaccum cleaners, which can be highly distressing for hamsters., It’s important to regularly clean out the cage to ensure it remains a healthy environment for your hamster. You should take a few minutes every day to remove any substrate that is wet from urine, and spot clean the cage to remove hamster poo in order to prevent wet-tail.

Try to clean out the cage more thoroughly once a week.If possible, you should try to keep to a basic cleaning schedule for this.
If you clean the cage too frequently or infrequently it could cause distress for your hamster.

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