How to Keep a Happy Hamster



Give your hamster plenty of space.,
Ensure there are things to play with.,
Get a hamster wheel.

Although they might seem to be asleep a lot of the time, hamsters are very active at night and need plenty of space to run around to keep them stimulated and happy.You should try to provide as much space in your hamster’s cage as you can. Your hamster will use different areas of his cage for different things, so having enough space to spread out is important.

The recommended minimum size for the cage is 12 inches (width) x 12 inches (height) x 18 inches (length).But the general rule is the bigger the better.Wire cages, plastic moulded cages, and converted fish tanks are all good homes for hamsters. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. A wire cage gives your hamster more things to climb on, and a tank will require more thorough cleaning.Ensure your cage has a solid base which is at least 3-5cms deep and covered with dust free wood shaving or another safe nesting material, or substrate.
Try to provide substrate that is around 6cms deep so your hamster can dig into it., Hamsters like to play and need things in their cage to keep them stimulated and occupied. A wheel is one way to get exercise and run, but you need to provide more varied stimuli to keep your hamster happy. Wooden chew toys offer a fun activity and also help keep his teeth in shape. Be sure you only use wood that is safe for pets.You can also make toys at home. For example, put empty cardboard tubes in for him to chew on and tunnel through.Plain brown cardboard boxes can be chewed up and hidden in. You can fill a small box with substrate to make a good burrowing and digging place for your hamster.
Be wary of using cardboard that has glue or ink. Stick to plain cardboard to avoid any potentially harmful chemicals.

, Hamsters like to get a lot of exercise, but in a relatively small cage the amount they can run around is limited. One good way to enable a hamster to run for longer periods is to get a hamster wheel. Ensure you have a solid wheel not a mesh one which your hamster could catch his foot in, and get a wheel with a large diameter. If your hamster is running with an arched back, you need to get a bigger wheel.Wheels intended for rats have a large diameter and are a good choice for your hamster.As well as a hamster wheel, getting a hamster ball can enable him to run around for longer periods.
This is also a fun way to get him out of his cage. Be sure you keep a close eye on him and that there are no potential dangers, such as another pet, in the room with you.

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