How to Keep a Happy Hamster



Provide a healthy diet.,
Give him occasional treats.,
Ensure there is constant clean fresh water.

Take care to ensure your hamster is getting enough of the right food to keep him healthy and happy. Although your hamster will be very active and have a quick metabolism, he can still become overweight if you overfeed him. Generally you should provide around a tablespoon of pellets or seed mix daily as the core of his diet. You can supplement this with occasional treats., You can provide some nice treats to add variety to your hamster’s diet. You can add a small amount of greens, a slice of apple (or a few raisins), and a floret of cauliflower to his daily pellets. This is plenty to keep him well fed. Keep an eye on how much he is eating and tend to give treats in small quantities. You don’t want uneaten greens to go bad in his cage, so remove uneaten treats.

You can also provide some hard treats, such as small dog biscuits, branches from fruit trees, or commercially produced treats that help wear down his teeth.
Only provide hard treats such as these once a week.
Remember that hamsters stash their food in hidden stores, so an empty bowl doesn’t necessarily mean he has run out of food., An important part of keeping your hamster healthy and happy is ensuring that he has access to a constant supply of fresh clean water to drink from. Make sure you give him fresh water every day and check his bottle for leaks. Be sure to clean the bottle and nozzle regularly to avoid potential contamination.

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