How to Keep a Hamster Cool in Hot Weather



Watch for overheating.,
Move his cage to cooler part of the house.,
Use a fan.,
Avoid direct sunlight.,
Well ventilate the cage.,
Use cool water.,
Limit playing.,
Never leave your hamster in a hot car.,
Give frozen treats.,
Provide a frozen water bottle.,
Freeze bath sand.,
Freeze his ceramic housing.,
Drape a frozen towel over or around the cage.

Hamsters are very sensitive to the heat and can overheat easily.Keep an eye out for these symptoms of heatstroke:

Bright red tongue
Lack of movement
, Walk through your home and try and find where it is the coolest. Try and move your hamster’s cage there.

Place the cage in a lower part of the house. Heat rises, so the coolest part of your house might be in a basement.
Another cool place is a bathroom or kitchen. Tile can be cool and provide a comfortable place for your hamster.

, You do not want to use a fan directly on your hamster as it can add stress to your hamster or make it too cool. Instead, make sure the room where the cage is located is well ventilated and has a good fan. This will help circulate the air and keep the room cool., Do not put your hamster’s cage in direct sunlight. On hot days, make sure the cage is out of reach of the sunlight filtering through the windows. This can easily cause heatstroke in a hamster and other small animals.

Avoid other heat sources like fireplaces, stoves, and heaters.

, Make sure your hamster has ventilation in his cage. Experts prefer wire cages for this reason, as opposed to aquariums.,If your hamster is kept in an aquarium, it is especially important for it to be placed in a well ventilated room!, An easy way to keep your hamster cool is to provide cool water. Hamsters can become dehydrated quickly, and it is important to always supply a source of fresh, clean water., Hamsters do not have the ability to sweat, so they are in danger of becoming dehydrated more quickly than mammals. It is important to limit playing with your hamster in hot weather to avoid overheating.If you want to handle your hamster, try in the early mornings or at night when the temperature is cooler.

, Never leave a hamster, or any animal, in a vehicle during warm weather! The inside of a car can reach deadly temperatures. If you are taking your hamster to the vet or traveling with him, take care to keep your hamster safe from dangerous temperatures., A frozen variety of your hamster’s favorite treat is a great way to cool him down on a hot day. Be careful to stick to treats that are safe for your hamster.Consider freezing:

Pumpkin seeds
Sesame seeds
Cooked potato

, Fill a water bottle (or an empty soda bottle) about halfway with water. Wait until it freezes solid. Then, wrap it in a towel or cloth and place it in your hamster’s cage.

Make sure you wrap the bottle. The frozen bottle can hurt your hamster’s skin.
A good tip is to freeze the bottle on its side. That way, when you place it in the cage, the hamster has more to lay against.
You can also use a frozen ice pack.

, Hamsters like to bathe in bath sand. You can treat your hamster to a cool bath by freezing his bath sand.Try taking a cup of sand and placing it in a zip-lock bag. Put the bag in the freezer for a few hours, remove the sand from the bag, and place it in the hamster’s cage.

, If you have a ceramic house in your hamster’s cage, you can freeze it for a few hours to create a cold habitat. Ceramic holds temperature well and can provide a cool haven for an overheated hamster.Alternatively, you can use a frozen ceramic tile or marble square in his cage.

, Dampen a towel and freeze it for a few hours. Drape it around the outside of the hamster’s cage, wrapping it around the bottom of the cage. This will create a cold barrier that your hamster can lay against.

Make sure you do not block the airflow from your hamster’s cage with the towel.

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