How to Keep a Guinea Pig Cage from Stinking



Spot clean your guinea pig’s cage at least once a day.,
Change the bedding in your guinea pig’s “potty spot” throughout the week.,
On the last day of the week, completely clean the cage.,
Once the soiled bedding has been cleared out and placed in a small trash bag, immediately dispose of the trash bag in a proper and hygienic manner that will ensure your own safety and health.,
Place your guinea pig back in the cage once it’s ready for it.,
Dispose of the gloves and put on a new, clean pair to use while replacing your guinea pig’s bedding.,
Finally, dispose of the gloves that you used to replace your guinea pig’s bedding.

In other words, discard pieces of soiled bedding and replace them with fresh bedding. However, when spot cleaning your guinea pig’s cage, you don’t need to clear out all the bedding.

If you find that you don’t have time to spot clean once a day, do it at least four to five times a week to keep it clean.

, Guinea pigs tend to have a certain spot that they use most often. In order to maintain your guinea pig’s health – as well as your own – and prevent possible infection, it’s important that you keep this spot fresh and clean instead of letting a week pass before cleaning it up.

, This means you must clear out all the bedding in your guinea pig’s cage, soiled or not soiled. Before you perform this task, wash your hands well with soap and water. Make sure you are wearing disposable gloves to prevent getting an infection or illness from the soiled bedding.

, Then, before you place new bedding into the cage, scrub the cage bottom with a solution of half water and half vinegar to kill the germs.

, Make sure everything is back in its place in the cage before replacing the guinea pig. Shut the cage door firmly and make sure it is latched securely before leaving the guinea pig.

, Put in at least an inch of bedding in the cage. If your guinea pig doesn’t use the bedding very much, you can put in a little less than an inch to save money and prevent the unused bedding from going to waste.

, Wash your hands well with soap and water to kill any germs that may be on your hands. Even though you wore gloves to protect yourself, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your hands are still clean. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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