How to Keep a Cat out of a Crib



Train your cat right away.,
Say “no” and remove your cat from the crib.,
Be consistent with your response.,
Spray your cat.

It’s best if your cat gets used to the crib before your baby is born. Try to set up the crib about a month before the birth and begin training your cat immediately. This way your cat will already be trained not to jump in the crib when your baby is ready to use it.Avoid making the crib really comfortable or your cat may want to nap in it.;
, If you see your cat jump into the crib, firmly say “no” and take it out of the crib right away. Put the cat down in a place where it’s allowed to be. Avoid yelling at the cat.

Don’t punish your cat once you’ve removed it from the crib. It should go off to a place where it’s allowed to be.

, If your cat returns to jump in the crib or you find it in there later, say “no” and remove it from the crib. You’ll need to remove your cat every time you find it in the crib so it associates jumping in the crib with being removed from the crib.

Avoid letting the cat nap in the crib or it will become confused about when the crib is off-limits.

, Another way to startle your cat into avoiding the crib is to spray the cat with water or an unpleasant-tasting spray. Buy bitter apple spray from a pet store or fill a spray bottle with water. If you see the cat jump into the crib, immediately spray it with water or the scent. Your cat will become startled and will begin to associate jumping into the crib with being sprayed.

Some argue that spraying your cat is an effective way to prevent it from jumping in the crib, but others believe that it can damage the bond you have with your cat and increase its stress level.

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