How to Keep a Cat out of a Crib



Create a comfortable space for your cat.,
Clicker train your cat.,
Distract your cat with new toys.,
Keep your cat in another room.

Try to understand why your cat keeps jumping in the crib. If the crib seems like a cozy spot, try to make a more comfortable area for your cat. For example, you could set up a small cat bed in an area of your home that’s out of the way. This will be a quiet, comfortable spot that your cat might begin to prefer.

Avoid putting blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals in the crib if your baby is under one year old. These are choking hazards and they might seem like comfortable things for your cat to curl up with., Train your cat to listen to your commands with a clicker device. When you click the device, give your cat a reward so it associates the clicking sound with the reward. The reward could be a cuddle or food treat. Do this several times or until your cat associates the click with the reward.Once your cat is clicker trained, you can encourage positive behaviors. For example, reward her when she jumps onto areas where she is allowed, instead of in the crib.

, Your cat may be jumping in the crib if its bored with its surroundings. Offer new toys to distract and entertain your cat. Scatter a variety of toys along the floor. This might also redirect her interest back to the floor and away from the crib. Try offering your cat:Round plastic shower curtain rings
Ping-pong balls
Empty paper bags with the handles removed
Plastic balls with bells inside
Sisal-wrapped tubes

, If you don’t want to leave your baby’s door closed, consider putting the cat in another room while your baby sleeps. You could keep the cat in an unused room of the house during nap times and bedtimes so it doesn’t have access to the crib while your baby is in it.

If your cat is an indoor and outdoor cat, you could give it a chance to play outside while your baby sleeps.

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