How to Keep a Cat out of a Crib



Create a noise trap in the crib.,
Lay double-sided tape in the crib.,
Keep furniture away from the crib.,
Close the door to your baby’s room.

Place something noisy in the bottom of the crib. This will startle your cat when it jumps in and the noise will usually scare the cat right out. Noise traps are great for when you won’t be home to monitor or train your cat. Remember that you should never place a noise trap in the crib when your baby is in it.Aluminum foil makes a great noise trap. Tear off a long sheet that covers most of the crib and lay it across the mattress.

, If you don’t want to hear the sound of a noise trap, you could lay down something sticky in the crib instead. Before your baby is born, lay strips of double-sided tape along the crib mattress where your cat usually lands. Most cats dislike the feeling of something sticky on their paws, so your cat will learn to avoid the space.You may need to lay the tape on the top of the crib rails if you find your cat jumping and perching on them.

, Cats may use bookshelves, chairs and the changing table as launching pads to help them catapult into the crib. Move these pieces of furniture away from the crib to minimize the risk, especially if your baby’s crib has side rails that are tall.

This is also good baby proofing that will eventually prevent your toddler from easily climbing out of the crib., Perhaps the simplest way of keeping a cat out of a crib is to prevent your cat from entering the room in the first place. Keep the door to the nursery closed at all times so your cat learns that it (and the crib) are off limits.If you’re concerned that you won’t hear your baby, set up baby monitors or install a screen door to your baby’s room. The screen door will keep the baby out while you can still see and hear the baby.

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