How to Keep a Cat Indoors



Close all doors and windows.,
Limit access to exits.,
Install an electronic pet door.,
Use a pet proofing spray.,
Train your cat to stay indoors with a pet proofing barrier.

Look around before opening any door to ensure your cat is not nearby, or at the very least, is preoccupied in playing with a toy. If you need to open a window, ensure it has a screen secured over it., If possible, secure the space in which the door leading outside is situated. For instance, if your foyer has an inner door (leading into the home) and an outer door (leading outside), close the inner door and ensure your cat is not in the foyer with you before opening the outer door to leave. When opening windows that do not have window screens, first check the room to ensure the cat is not there, then close the door to the room in which you’re opening the window.If you don’t have a foyer, put the cat in a different room before leaving.

, If you have a pet door in your house that you’re worried your cat might escape through, swap it out for an electronic pet door instead. This will allow you to lock the pet door during certain times and open it during other times. Some electronic pet doors allow you to equip one pet with an electronic signal key that will open the door for it, but not for the cat you want to keep indoors.Talk to a specialist at your local pet store for more information about your options.

, Pet proofing sprays are motion-activated devices that emit an irritating but harmless liquid spray on your pet when it approaches an area you don’t want it near. To keep a cat indoors, place a pet proofing spray near windows and doors that you anticipate your cat might escape through.The exact method for using a pet proofing spray will vary according to the device you choose to utilize. Consult manufacturer directions before use.
Generally, setting up a pet proofing spray unit is as easy as popping in a few batteries and turning the device on.

, A pet proofing barrier is similar to a pet proofing spray, except that instead of getting sprayed by harmless liquid, your cat will hear a loud and startling beep. Place the pet proofing barrier near doors and windows that you fear your cat will escape from. Strap the sensor collar on your cat so that the sensor can detect when your cat is near. Eventually, your cat will learn to avoid the areas where it hears the beep.

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