How to Keep a Cat Indoors



Spay or neuter your cat.,
Train your cat to sit and stay away from exits.,
Walk your cat.

This is one of the easiest ways to keep a cat indoors, especially so if you have multiple cats. Neutering and spaying makes cats less territorial and inhibits their tendency to roam. Cats that have not been fixed will not adjust as well to being kept indoors, especially if they used to have access to the outside world.Plus, cats that have been neutered/spayed are more sociable and tend to have better health.

, Place your cat in a location away from any doors or windows through which it might escape. Click a clicker with one hand and, at the same time, use your free hand to administer a treat. Say “Good cat” in a gentle, reassuring way and pet the cat. Repeat three or four times per training session, and hold several such training sessions daily.After a week or so, your cat should begin to associate the sound of the clicker with being in that location. From then on, perform one or two sessions daily for another week.
After the second week, your cat should know where it needs to be when you enter and exit. From then on, click the clicker and administer two or three treats to occupy your cat just before you leave.
Take the clicker with you or leave it right by the door. When you come home, click the clicker and lavish your cat with positive attention.

, Sometimes your cat just wants to satisfy its curiosity about the great big world outside. Place your cat in its harness and connect it to a leash. Take your cat for a walk around the block, or take it to the park to help it get in touch with its wild side. With luck, this will diminish your cat’s urges to go outdoors, at least for a few days.

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