How to Keep a Cat Indoors



Give your cat plenty of toys to play with.,
Make sure your cat can see out a window.,
Give your cat a space of its own.,
Provide a screened porch for your cat.,
Set up a cat tree.,
Position your litter box in a quiet, low-traffic area.,
Clean your litter box regularly.

To compensate for the lack of outdoor exploration and adventure, indoor cats will need toys to divert their attention and provide them with exercise and stimulation. Small, inexpensive toys like stuffed mice and plastic balls are often the most entertaining for cats, and can be played with even while you are away. Other toys – such as fishing-pole style toys that let you dangle a feather or piece of fabric in front of your cat – will require interaction with you.Using toys that require you to interact with the cat will help you to bond and create a better relationship with your pet.

, Indoor cats will be much less bored and anxious if they have visual access to the outdoors. Make sure there is at least one uncluttered windowsill for the cat to sit on. It is best if the cat can access a window that receives direct sunlight, because this will prove more attractive to them and improve their mood., If you have a window with a relatively deep sill, buy a padded perch and place it in front of the window. Alternately, invest in a window frame – a sort of clear, boxy unit similar to a windowsill air conditioner in which your cat can sit, hang out, and watch the world go by. Other cats might feel safest in their crates, so leave your cat’s crate or cage open at all times., If your cat can get some fresh air and survey its domain from an enclosed location, it’s a win-win for both you and the cat. If you don’t have a screened porch, consider building a “catio” – a large cage-like structure with many climbable surfaces. Your catio could be accessible directly from your home (via a side or rear door), or you could place it in your back yard. You can obtain catio building kits from most pet stores., A cat tree (sometimes called a “kitty condo”) is a vertical structure that provides your cat with opportunities for climbing, hiding, and jumping. Your cat will love navigating the cat tree. Set it up in an open space where your cat can freely move through and around it. You can easily obtain a cat tree at your local pet store., If your cat feels uncomfortable for any reason using its litter box, it may attempt to escape outside to relieve itself. Make sure that wherever you place the litter box, your cat will have an unobstructed view of the whole room. In your home, the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or family room might qualify as a good location.Do not, for instance, place the litter box next to a noisy furnace or washing machine. Placing it in the corner of a room, likewise, will not make your cat want to use it.

, If your cat’s litter box is dirty and/or stinky, it might want to do its business outside. To prevent this, scoop feces from the litter box daily. Any time you observe clumping or wet litter, empty the litter and replace it. Generally, you’ll need to do this about twice each week.Don’t place the litter box in a closet or in the corner of a room, either, since your cat will feel trapped when using it.
Additionally, do not place your cat’s litter box near its food dish. After all, just imagine how you’d feel dining right next to the place you go to the bathroom.

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