How to Keep a Canary Entertained



Birdproof the room.,
Open the cage door.,
Supervise your canary.,
Lure your canary back to its cage with food.,
Catch the canary with a net if necessary.

Some slight adjustments can make the room safe for your bird to fly in. Choose a room without much furniture. Turn off any fans, and make sure all windows and doors are closed. There should be no wires out in the open that they can chew.Cover up mirrors and windows so that the bird does not crash into them while flying.
Keep other, larger pets, such as cats or dogs, out of the room while your canary is exploring.
Keep toxic plants and items out of the room. These include avocado, foxglove, lilies, and tomato plants., The canary may wander out on their own. If they don’t, place a perch outside of the cage door to encourage them to leave. The bird will happily fly around the room until they become tired or hungry., While the canary is flying around, you should stay in the room with them. Do a quiet activity, like reading a book or surfing the internet, as they explore., After about 30 minutes, your canary will likely be hungry. Put some fresh food in their cage, and wait for them to return to their cage. Once inside, slowly approach the cage, and close the door before they can escape again.If you move too quickly towards the cage, the canary may see you and bolt out of it again.
Avoid feeding your canary outside of their cage or else they may not return as easily.

, Canaries can be difficult to catch by hand. Instead, use a bird net to capture your bird if they will not return to their cage willingly. Move the net slowly to capture the bird gently inside the net. Once inside, gently pick them up and put them back in their cage.You can try dimming the lights to help. The canary may think it is night, and they will stop flying around. This can make it easier to catch them. Don’t make the room pitch black, however, as the bird may injure itself.

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