How to Introduce Your Kids to Feeding the Birds



Spend a little time observing the birds.,
Choose or make bird feeders.,
Set up the bird feeder together.,
Have the kids prepare the seed mixes for the bird feeder.,
Teach the children how to keep the bird feeder clean on a regular basis.

Help the kids learn the names of the birds that stop by your wonderful garden so that they are aware of the birds that are around.

Consider visiting the library to borrow books on local birds. This will help your kids learn more about the birds’ habits and eating preferences. You will probably learn a lot too.;
, You will need to decide whether you’ll target all the birds or only some, as some birds will be ground feeders, some nectar feeders, and some will be happiest perching high. The time spent observing will help you to make the best choice.

If you have cats, it might not be wise to encourage ground feeding.

If the kids want to make their own, here are some ideas: How to make a cardboard bird feeder, How to make a bird feeder, and How to make a milk carton bird feeder.

, Get your kids to as much of the siting and preparing as possible. The basic rules are:

Site the bird feeder at least one metre from windows in the house or shed. This will help to prevent bird flight collisions.
Avoid hanging the feeder near shrubs, trees, walls, or low roofs that cats, possums, squirrels, or other seed eaters or hunters can leap from.


Mixed seed will attract a variety of birds.
Black oil sunflower seeds and suet make many birds happy.
Use your learning from the books to prepare any specialist food needs for the birds in your locale.

, Explain to them how important cleanliness is, just as it is for them to eat off clean plates, so too for the birds.

Scrub the feeder with a 1 part bleach to 9 parts water solution, with gloves on. Rinse thoroughly and air dry before adding seeds in again. Supervise children doing any cleaning with bleach, or do it with them watching until they’re ready.
Encourage the kids to collect and dispose of any feed that falls out of the feeder. This will prevent fungal growth and removes an attractant for mice and rats.

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