How to Introduce Two Dwarf Hamsters



Make sure both hamsters are dwarf hamsters!,
Evaluate your hamsters’ age, size, and temperaments for housing them together.

It is important that you are absolutely certain that they’re both dwarf hamsters because Syrian hamsters are solitary, and are likely to fight to the death.

Make sure they’re the same type of dwarf hamster, because the Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamster and the Winter White Russian dwarf hamster are very similar in appearance.;
, Make sure that:

They are no more than 7 weeks old; 4-6 weeks old is the best age for introducing them to each other. Any older than 7 weeks and they are fully adults, making it near impossible to introduce them to new hamsters.
Make sure the hamsters are about the same size so there isn’t a larger one picking on a smaller individual.
Make sure your dwarf hamsters have not lived more than 5 to 7 days alone. After living alone for a few days without being introduced to other hamsters they will not be able to tolerate being housed with other dwarf hamsters.
If you don’t want to breed the hamsters, make sure they’re the same gender.

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