How to Introduce Two Dwarf Hamsters



If the prior method of introducing fails and they start fighting, try plan B.

Repeat the delicate procedure of cleaning the cage.,
Make sure the dwarf hamsters can see smell and hear each other.,
Put both hamsters in.,
Reintroduce the hamsters.,
If this does not work the first time repeat one to two times more.

, Then add a divider. Separate the cage with wire mesh that they are not able to get through. (This works best with an aquarium).

, Ensure that they both have all the necessities; for example, food, water and toys.

, Leave them in their separate spots in the cage for a week or so. Change their water and food when needed.

, After the week is up, take the mesh divider out and let them explore around with the other hamsters.


Hamsters are very sociable and normally enjoy the company of others.

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