How to Introduce Two Dwarf Hamsters



Make sure that the existing cage is large enough for two dwarf hamsters.,
Put your new hamster in one ball, and the old one in another.,
Clean out the entire cage.,
Put in the new hamster’s sleeping hut, the new hamster’s water bottle, the new hamster’s wheel, and the new hamster’s bowl and toys.

There needs to be sufficient space for them to move about and to keep away from one another when preferred. Make sure the cage is larger than 360 sq inches because 360 sq inches is the minimum for 1 hamster. 

, This is just to keep them out of the way, it is not an important thing, but you do need them out of the cage for the next step.

, Rinse everything with soapy water, including the cage. Clean every single little thing that the cage has in it, and the cage itself. Also put in fresh, clean bedding. This is so that the old hamster does not know where it is.

Make sure there is absolutely no odor of any of the hamsters. Use pet safe disinfectant.

, Keep the old hamster’s stuff in, but as cleaned. Ensure that all of your new hamster’s stuff is in the cleaned cage already.

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