How to Introduce Two Birds to Each Other



Identify birds which might need to be quarantined.,
Take your new bird to the vet.,
Keep your new bird in quarantine.

If introducing a new bird to your bird who has not received shots or been examined for potential illnesses, your bird could get sick. Birds that have come from closed aviaries do not need to be quarantined. Similarly, birds which have been check by a vet before leaving a reputable bird or pet shop do not need to be quarantined. For all other birds, take them to a vet and follow your vet’s quarantine instructions in order to ensure the new bird does not introduce any illnesses to your original bird., Find a vet who is familiar with avian illnesses and can provide directions on how long to quarantine your new bird. Use the Association of Avian Veterinarians database ( to find a bird vet near you.

, Quarantine requires keeping a new bird whose health status you do not know away from a bird that you know to be healthy. Quarantine periods last from 30 to 90 days, depending on the bird.Before introducing two birds to each other, ensure both have seen a vet recently. If one has not, quarantine it in a separate cage and room.

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