How to Introduce Two Birds to Each Other



Minimize disruptions to your bird’s schedule and lifestyle wherever possible.,
Respect your original bird’s boundaries.,
Don’t overwhelm your bird with many new experiences.

For instance, do not introduce a new bird to your bird during the time that your bird would normally be taking a bath or having a meal. If you need to move your bird’s cage in order to make room for the new bird, do so well in advance of the new bird’s arrival., For instance, do not give your old bird’s cage to the new bird without repainting it or altering its appearance significantly. If you do not, the bird that used to live in it will be jealous and could cause conflict. Similarly, do not place a new bird’s cage right next to your original bird’s cage if it makes your original bird uncomfortable.

, For instance, if you decide to purchase a new cage for your original bird at the same time that you purchase a new bird (and cage), keep the new bird out of view until your original bird has acclimated to the new cage. Depending on the bird, it may take a few days to a full week.

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