How to Introduce Two Birds to Each Other



Ensure your birds are of different genders.,
Stay in the room with both birds when first introducing them to each other.,
Gradually introduce the birds to each other.Place the birds in two separate cages.,
Look for signs that either bird is stressed.,
Put the birds together in a new cage.,
Stop treating the birds as pets.If you treating the birds as pets and show affection to one or both of them, they might become jealous of each other.

Within a given species, larger birds are generally male and smaller birds are female. If your birds are of the same size, or if you are unsure of your bird’s gender, consult a veterinarian.

, The first time you introduce the birds, you should plan on staying present with both for at least one day. This applies whether you choose to put both birds together in one cage from the start or to introduce them to each other slowly. Keep two bird nets and a pair of gloves on hand to prepare for the possibility that you’ll need to separate them., Hang the cages next to one another. After a period of time, they will become comfortable with one another. How long it takes them to become used to one another depends on the birds. Since all birds are different, with unique personalities, likes, and dislikes, the rate at which they become comfortable with one another will vary.

, If your bird is stressed due to close proximity to another bird, it might pick its feathers or skin, lose weight or lose its appetite, drink and urinate excessively, peck people who handle it, squawk noisily, or pace back and forth on its perch.Look for these and other behavioral abnormalities particular to your bird in order to determine if it is stressed. Introduce the mates to each other when their stress levels have subsided.

If the birds show signs of stress, place the cages further apart from each other, rather than directly next to one another.

, If you do not want to introduce the birds to each other gradually, you can simply place them together in one cage as soon as the new bird has ended its quarantine period. Place both birds in a flight cage which both are unfamiliar with.The confusion of being thrust into a new environment with another bird will eliminate the sense of territoriality which might accompany a bird being introduced to a cage which another bird already identified as its home.

, To ensure a harmonious mating, act in a disinterested way toward your birds. Feed and water them regularly as before, but let their interactions replace the stimulation you would normally provide.

Do not hand the birds treats directly. If you want to give one or both of them treats, leave the treat on the floor or on a perch of the cage.
Do interact with them in any way, including by talking to them or taking them out to teach them tricks.
If other people in your household are also attached to the birds, they should stop seeing them as well.

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