How to Introduce Dogs to Cats



Consider your current pets.,
Prepare a room or safe area for your new pet.,
Put up baby gates.

Before you decide to bring a new pet into your home, you may want to consider how your current pets will react to a new addition. Think about how your current pets might react to a new pet and use this information to help inform your decision. Considering how your pets might react will also help you to develop a plan for introducing the new pets into your home.For example, if you have dogs and you are thinking about bringing a new cat into your home, how might the dogs react? Are they familiar with cats? Have you ever had a cat before? If so, how did your dogs act around the cats? Did they chase the cats or ignore them?;
, Coming into a new home is a frightening experience for a pet, so you should create a safe, quiet space for your new pet to escape to when necessary. You may use a spare bedroom, a quiet corner of your living room, or a hallway. Whatever area you choose, make sure that you make it a safe space where your new pet can escape to if needed.For example, if you are bringing home a new cat, you could place a litter box and some food and water in a room where people seldom go. Allow your new cat to stay in this room for the first week in your home to get used to the sounds and smells of her new home. During this time, let your dog sniff the door and get used to the smell of the cat. This will be helpful when you introduce them to each other.
Make sure that you visit your new pet often and allow your new pet some time to roam the house as well. Keep in mind that providing a safe space or room should only be a temporary measure to help your pets get acquainted with each other.

, Baby gates are a great way to allow your cat and dog to coexist. By having baby gates placed in a few doorways in your home, you can prevent your dog from going into areas where you keep your cat’s food, water, and litter boxes. Baby gates also provide an easy way for your cat to escape from your dog if necessary.If your cat is older and cannot jump the gate, try placing the gate higher up so that your cat can fit under it but your dog cannot.

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