How to Introduce Dogs to Cats



Use dog appeasing pheromone to help calm your dog.,
Introduce your dog and cat to each other.,
Stop your dog from chasing your cat.,
Teach your dog basic commands like “sit” and “leave it.” Training a dog to behave around a cat is crucial to keeping the peace within a household, so your dog would benefit from knowing some basic commands.,
Reinforce good behavior with praise and treats.

You can purchase dog appeasing pheromone diffusers, collars, and sprays to help calm your dog during a period of transition. These products release a scent similar to the scent that mother dogs release to keep their puppies calm. Using one of these products may help your dog to feel better about coming into your home or meeting a new cat, which may make training easier., Take your dog on a long walk before you plan on introducing him to your cat. Keep him on his leash, and have him sit while you have another person bring in your cat. Reward your dog for ignoring your cat. Repeat this as often as necessary until your dog shows no interest in chasing your cat. Once he is disinterested in your cat, you can give him more line on his leash.

, When your dog is first getting acquainted with your cat, you will need to make sure that you prevent your dog from chasing your cat. You can either distract your dog when he or she starts to chase after your cat or use a leash to control your dog whenever your dog and cat are around each other.Try clapping your hands together once to get your dog’s attention if he tries to chase your cat. Then, command your dog to “sit” so that your cat has a chance to get out of the room.
If your dog is hard to control and does not respond to commands yet, consider a training harness. Training harnesses apply gentle pressure that will prevent your dog from pulling and getting away from you.
Intervene if your dog corners your cat. Even if your dog is only playing he may cause serious harm to your cat.

, If your dog is not already trained in basic commands such as “sit” and “leave it,” take some time each day to teach your dog these commands.Keep training sessions short and focused. Repeat the command four or five times and immediately reward your dog with a treat each time he follows the command.
If your dog has a hard time learning these commands, consider getting help from a certified professional dog trainer. Contact your veterinarian for a recommendation.

, Positive reinforcement is the best way to let your dog know that he has done something good and you want him to keep repeating that behavior. Try to reinforce your dog’s good behavior whenever you notice it by giving him some praise and a treat.For example, if your dog notices your cat walking through the room and does not chase or harass the cat, give your dog some praise and a treat right away to let him know that this behavior is desirable.

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