How to Introduce an Older Cat to a New Dog



Keep both animals confined when you’re not there.,
Understand differences in social order.,
Continue to praise calm behavior.,
Don’t expect your animals to be friends right away.,
Ask a behavioral consultant for help.

Your cat should be allowed to stay in her sanctuary space, and your dog should be left either in his crate or in a fenced area outside. Don’t allow unsupervised time together until you’re confident that they are safe together.The use of baby gates to keep your animals confined is encouraged.
Both animals should have access to food, water, blankets or bedding, and (for your cat) a litter area in their separate spaces.

, To cats, physical space is of paramount importance. To help a cat stay calm, make sure she has a safe physical space. For dogs, the social order is the most important element. To help your dog stay calm, make sure he feels that he’s secure in his relationship with you.This is one reason why teaching the dog basic commands and keeping him on a leash for the initial introduction will be important.
Make sure your cat’s food is out of your dog’s reach. Any dog will happily eat cat food.

, Keep treats in your pocket so you can “catch them being good.” Whenever you notice calm interactions between your dog and cat, praise them with a cheerful voice, saying, “Good dog!” and offer treats.Whenever your dog doesn’t bark or chase cats, you’ll want to reward this behavior.
Try to avoid situations where you have to tell a dog “No.” Telling a dog “no” results in stress and confusion for a dog, without any real idea of what the “right” behavior might be.

, Dogs and cats communicate in very different ways. While they might become good companions, they might only learn to tolerate each other. They’ll need to establish their relationship at their own pace.Make sure that you continue to pay attention to your resident cat.
If you have more than one new dog, don’t allow them to gang up on the cat.
Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise.

, A behavioral consultant can help you figure out what might be the problem between your dog and your cat. If your cat has stopped eating, if she avoids the litter box and stays away from people, she’s not happy.Call your local animal support group to find quality animal behaviorists who can help you.
Your veterinarian will also have the contact information about local animal behavior specialists.

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