How to Introduce a New Cat to Other Cats



Begin with a confinement period.,
Trade items between the cats.,
Encourage the cats to interact through the door.,
Switch out the cats.

Never allow two cats to interact face to face right away. Cats are territorial by nature. Your current cat will not react well if you simply introduce a new cat into its territory. Begin the introduction process with a period of confinement.Choose a small room to keep the new cat. Make sure the cat has all the essential, such as food, a litter box, a scratching post, and so on.
At first, keep the new cat’s food, water, and other things away from the door. Interacting through the door can help the cats get used to each other, but you should not encourage too much interaction right away.;
, Cats learn to recognize other animals through scents and pheromones. In order to ease both cats into knowing a new animal, swap toys and bedding. The transition will go smoother if each cat is used to the other cat’s scent.For best results, go for items you’ve seen each cat rubbing up against or nuzzling.

, After a few days, you can begin allowing the cats to interact through the doors. Play with each cat near the door. Move bedding, toys, food, and water closer to the door.The cats may be standoffish and nervous at first, but be persistent. You want the cat to gradually get used to the other animal.
You may see your cats pawing at one another through the door. As long as there is no hissing, this can be seen as a form of play.

, After two to three days of interaction through the doors, switch the cats between confinement areas.Let the new cat explore the house while the old cats are placed in the confinement area. This will get your new cat used to its new home and allow the other cats to get used to the new cat’s scent.Switch out the cats several times a day for a few days.
Make sure you only let the new cat roam around the house when you are home to supervise.

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