How to Introduce a New Cat to Other Cats



Choose the right cat.,
Take steps to reduce tension.,
Give your old cats special attention.,
Restart the introduction process if necessary.

When selecting a new cat for your home, make sure you make the right choice. An aggressive cat, or one with existing behavioral issues, may not do well with other cats.When selecting an adult cat, make sure it’s lived with other cats before. A cat that’s used to being an only child may never adjust to living with other animals.
Ask at the pet store or shelter if a cat you’re considering has any aggressive tendencies or behavioral issues.
Kittens can usually adapt to situations quicker, especially if they’re still very young at the time of the adoption.

, You can make the introduction smoother by making sure each cat has its own space. This will reduce territorial disputes between your cats.Provide places in your home, such as kitty condos and boxes, where your cats can find privacy if necessary.
Make sure there are enough beds and toys to go around.
Strive for one litter box per cat.

, Cats that are already in the household need to feel secure when a new cat arrives. Make sure to spend time petting and playing with your old cats each day. This way, they will feel less threatened by the presence of a new cat., If the first meeting goes very poorly, start the introduction process from the beginning. While this can be time consuming, it will help cats recover from a poor initial introduction.In rare cases, some cats simply will not get along. If this is the case, you may have to find your new cat another home.

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