How to Introduce a Dog to Pet Chickens



Learn about your dog’s breed.,
Recognize whether you have a breed with a high prey drive.,
Notice if your mixed breed dog is large and playful.,
Identify the risks of a toy dog.

Some dogs are bred for hunting, some for herding and some for companionship. Depending on the history of the breed, your dog may be more or less suitable as a guardian of chickens or other livestock. You should research whether you have a breed that is suitable to keep with chickens, since not all breeds will be easily trained to guard or even coexist with chickens.Shih Tzu are trained for companionship. They are generally happy and very affectionate.Some dogs are particularly well suited to guarding birds and chickens, such as Anatolian Shepherds. They will herd and take care of birds if properly trained.Large guardian dogs such as Great Pyrenees are also known for their ability to herd and guard flocks., Some dogs, like Greyhounds, have a high prey drive. If you have one of these dogs, they will be very hard to train for the purposes of guarding or getting along with chickens. Their natural inclination will be to hunt the chickens, following the characteristics of their breed.Golden retrievers are also bred for hunting.

, Some mixed breeds may not have a high prey drive but could still kill one of the chickens by virtue of their size or an attempt to play around with them. If you have a mixed breed that is playful but large, it could inadvertently kill a chicken in an attempt to play., If you have a toy dog such as a Chihuahua, it may want to make friends with the chickens but stress them out by chasing them around all the time. Although it may not kill the chickens, it could otherwise damage the flock by, for instance, separating chicks from their mother.

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