How to Introduce a Dog to Pet Chickens



Do reward training away from the chickens.,
Take your dog with you while you do chicken coop chores.,
Practice ‘sit,’ ‘off’ and other skills near the chicken coop.

You should start by training your dog away from the chickens. Teach them basic commands such as sit, stay, heel, off and take it. Once they have these commands down, you will be well prepared to begin training them near the chickens. Most importantly, you should use reward training to get them to understand ‘off’ and ‘take it.’

Hold a treat in your closed hand. Don’t let your dog get at the treat until they have moved their mouth away from your hand. Once they move their muzzle away from your hand, give them the treat. Then, associate these behaviors with the words ‘off’ and ‘take it.’

, While you are doing the chicken coop chores, take your dog with you. It is best to start while your dog is a puppy. Your dog will gradually get used to being around you and the chickens. If you need both hands, you can tie up your dog away from the chicken coop. While you are doing your chores, keep an eye on your dog’s body language.

If your dog shows any signs of aggression such as barking, take them out of the coop and try again another time., Once your dog knows basic commands, try doing some training exercises near the chicken coop. Choose an area that is close enough to the coop that your dog can smell and see it but not right beside it. Practice basic skills such as ‘sit,’ ‘off’ and ‘take it.’ If your dog can follow these commands near the coop, they should get better at following them in or near the coop while you are doing chores.Watch their body language. If your dog loses focus on the training and gets very excited by the chickens, you may need to move further away or try again another time.
Start training them on leash. If they perform well, you can try training them off leash near the chicken coop. Make sure you can catch them if needed.
Try training them at different times of the day so they get used to being near the coop in different situations.

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