How to Incubate Eggs in an Electric Frying Pan



Place hay at the bottom of the frying pan and lay a thermometer on top of it.,
Turn the pan to its absolute lowest setting.,
Put the eggs in the pan, keeping them covered most of the time.,
After three days of incubation, hold each egg up to a bright light to see inside the shell.,
Turn the eggs two to three times a day.

, You will know you have set the temperature correctly when it reaches 99.5 °F (37.5 °C) and stays that way. Do not place any eggs in the pan until you know the temperature is consistent.

, Make sure they don’t touch each other. Unless the lid has a built-in hole, it should be kept slightly ajar.

, This is called candling.

If the egg is clear inside, it is not fertilized. Remove it from the pan and throw it away.
If you see a spot of blood with veins coming out of it, congratulations, you have a fertilized egg! Keep candling the fertilized eggs every few days to make sure the chicks are still developing.
If the egg gets discolored or makes a sloshing noise after being lightly shaken, the chick is dead and the egg needs to be thrown out.

, Try to be quick, since the temperature goes down every time the lid is removed from the pan. Space the out turning. A recommended turning pattern is to turn in the morning, then mid-day followed by a final turning during the late evening. You should stop turning the eggs about three days before they are scheduled to hatch (see tip below for more information).

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