How to Increase the Weight of a Pig



Monitor your pig’s health.Sick pigs will not be inclined to eat much.,
Deworm your pig.Deworming regularly (every thirty days) will keep your pig healthy and remove the parasites that steal nutrients and calories away from your pig.,
Check your pig for injuries.If your pig has recently had an operation or been injured, it will not want to eat much.

Even when a sick pig does eat, its illness causes nutrients and vitamins to be expended at higher rates than normal as the pig fights off the infection or disease afflicting it.

Check your pig’s temperature with a rectal thermometer. The temperature should be around 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
If your pig has a fever, take it to the vet immediately.
Look for signs your pig is ill. If your pig is acting lethargic, squeals painfully, has diarrhea, or does not eat, it may be ill. There could be one or many causes for your pig’s illness, including viruses, parasites, or poor nutrition.Take it to a qualified veterinarian for a checkup.

, You don’t need to take your pig to the vet in order to deworm it. Rather, you can purchase a commercial deworming medication at your local farm supply store and administer it directly to your pig. Most require a three-day feeding cycle. Be sure to follow the directions with your pig’s deworming medicine.

You do not need assistance to administer the deworming medicine. Simply add it to the pig’s feed, typically at a ratio of one cubic centimeter per 50 pounds of body weight.In other words, if your pig weighs 100 pounds, you’ll probably add two cubic centimeters of deworming medicine. However, always use the prescribed dosage when administering any medicine to your pig.

, Check your pig’s legs and belly for sores, and check its feet for sharp objects. Patch up small wounds. If you see serious injuries, take your pig to the vet as soon as possible.

You should also bring your pig to the vet before introducing him or her to the rest of your pigs. This will ensure the pig doesn’t introduce parasites or illnesses to the other pigs.
If you observe any strange behavior such as lethargy, staggering, poor appetite, it may be injured internally or ill. Bring your pig to the vet for an examination.Pigs should get a checkup from the veterinarian at least once each year.

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