How to Increase Oxygen Saturation



Breathe more slowly and deeply.,
Seek respiratory training for maximum health benefits.,
Try coughing.,
Practice pursed-lips breathing.

You breathe involuntarily, but you also probably breathe inefficiently — many adults use only about one-third of their lung capacity while breathing. This inefficiency can cause less oxygen to enter the lungs and thereby the bloodstream, in turn reducing your oxygen saturation. By breathing more slowly and deeply, you can improve all of these elements.Many adults breathe at a rate of around fifteen respirations per minute; reducing this to rate to ten per minute has been shown to benefit oxygen saturation.;
, While occasionally making the conscious effort to breathe more slowly and deeply benefits your oxygen saturation, making more lasting adjustments to your breathing patterns will produce superior results. Both healthy individuals and those with breathing-related medical conditions can increase their oxygen saturation through respiratory training.Especially if you have a medical condition like COPD, talk to your health care team about including respiratory training.
You can also seek out guided breathing training outside of a medical setting, in ways like joining a yoga class or being instructed in diaphragmatic breathing (either by a respiratory trainer or a vocal coach)., Controlled coughing can help you to clear the secretions that may be obstructing your airway and this will help to improve your oxygen saturation. This is a common instruction after surgery to ensure that your airways are clear.

Try coughing a few times to see if this help you to breathe a little easier.

, Throughout your day, you can temporarily increase your oxygen saturation by doing a simple breathing exercise known as pursed-lips breathing. It is one of the easiest ways to more slowly and deeply draw oxygen into your lungs. Try the following steps:Breathe in through your nose for about two seconds.
Pucker your lips (as if giving a kiss) and hold the breath in for a beat.
Exhale through your pursed lips for about six seconds.
Repeat as many times as desired.

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