How to Increase Brown Fat



Discuss your weight loss goals with your doctor.,
Cool down for a couple hours a day.,
Keep your thermostat low.,
Use a cooling vest.,
Use ice packs on your upper body.,
Bathe in cold water.

Before making changes to your habits, talk to your doctor about the health benefits of brown fat and the best way for you to increase it. They can help you develop a diet and exercise plan that is right for you. Tell them what your plan is – for instance, “I’d like to use a cooling vest daily to increase my brown fat,” – so they can caution you if your plan is risky for you.

Your doctor might refer you to a specialist like a dietitian or physical therapist.;
, People exposed to cold temperatures for 2 hours per day have shown an increase in their brown fat.This technique is not particularly pleasant, but can be effective because brown fat production is stimulated by cold temperatures.

Try to spend time daily in an environment that is between 14-19°C, or 57-66°F.
If you live in a cool climate, try taking a walk outside for a while each day. Dress warmly enough to stay safe, but limit layers so that your body cools down. Stay warm enough so that you’re not shivering.
Sit in an air-conditioned room in summer clothing for two hours a day., If you have an air-conditioner, keep it turned down to within the mid-60s F or cooler (about 18.5°C). Living in this environment at home or in your office may be enough to stimulate your body’s brown fat.Allow temperature fluctuation in your home so you’re not living at a comfortable 72° all year round. Ideally, keep your air conditioning going in summer and keep your heat low in winter.

, Cooling vests may help increase brown fat, and some companies are working to develop vests for this reason. Vests lower your body temperature more than just being in a cool room.You can purchase a cooling vest at some sporting goods stores or venues like Walmart.

, Place ice packs on your upper back and chest for about 30 minutes each day. Most brown fat is located in your neck and collarbone area, so stimulating this area with cold may be beneficial.Wrap the ice pack in a towel rather than placing it directly on your skin.
Research is still being done about whether or not cooling one part of your body is effective in increasing brown fat., Take cool or cold showers instead of warm showers, or at least take contrast showers where you alternate between having the water warm and cold. If it’s not too uncomfortable, you can also try sitting in an ice bath up to your waist for about 10 minutes three times per week.As an alternative, go for a swim in a chilly lake or pool.

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